Insurance Claim


Insurance Claim
24-Hour Roadside Recovery.


 We make sure we are available at all times when you need us the most (within Singapore only.)


Standard guidelines


Step 1:

Contact your insurance company as soon after the accident or injury as possible. Unless you have some very serious injuries to take care of, your insurance agent is the first person to call in case of an accident or injury.

Step 2:

At the accident site:

Note down registration numbers, names and addresses of drivers and insurance companies of all vehicles involved in the accident. If possible, provide photographs at the scene of the accident.

If there are witnesses, note down their names, NRIC numbers, addresses and telephone numbers.

Lodge a police report for the following motor accident cases:

  • Injury case
  • Non-injury case involving a government vehicle or damage to government property
  • Non-injury case involving a foreign vehicle
  • Non-injury case involving a pedestrian or cyclist

Feel free to call our 24x7 roadside assistance support team at 6440 7725.