Software Tuning


Software Tuning

MTE Stage 1 Performance Tuning (Stock Car)
MTE Stage 2 Performance Tuning (Downpipe, Catback Exhaust System)
MTE Customized Performance Tuning

MTE software tuning increase and smooth the torque curves. The increase in horsepower noticeably improves the acceleration and the top end performance. MTE software tuning are designed to make the most of superior Volvo engineering while not exceeding the stress limits of the engine, gearbox or drive shafts, thereby delivering reliable performance for everyday use. The diagnostic functions and emergency operating features of your Volvo remain completely intact.
In the field of Volvo performance tuning, MTE has the clear advantage in experience and technical knowledge, insuring your maximum driving pleasure.

Fuel - For optimal performance we recommend running on premium octane fuel of no less than 98 RON. If you have to run a lower octane for a tank or two it is permissible, but you must adjust your driving to avoid any extended high load situations. No heavy footing, towing or conditions that would dictate sustained boost. Low octane and high boost do not mix.
Engine Oil - We recommend only good quality synthetic engine oil in the viscosity range spelled out in your Owner's Manual. Once you have upgraded your software, MTE recommends to change engine oil at 5,000 to 10,000 intervals.
Automatic Transmission Fluid Service - We recommend flushing the fluid every 45,000km for best performance and to ensure longevity. Shift quality begins to degrade around 45,000km, sooner if the car is driven hard.
Spark Plugs - Fresh spark plugs are required for optimum performance. We recommend that the plugs be changed every 20,000km for best performance. We do not recommend any hi-performance or miracle spark plugs. Use the stock Volvo plug or the equivalent Bosch or NGK plugs and keep them fresh.


1. Performance and fuel consumption

MTE tuning software calibration gives you the best of both worlds. When power is your demand thundering torque is delivered linearly and smoothly by precise boost control, and when coasting on the expressway on light throttle the programming is set for maximum fuel efficiency, by operating with high ignition angle efficiency and stoichiometric fuel mixture.


2. MTE software & Engine Management System (EMS)

One of the many differences with MTE software comes from the fact that the engineers behind it has on average 20 years of experience designing and programming engine management in-house at the original vehicle manufacturer. Most tuners are from the beginning mechanics that develop an interest for "chip tuning" and try to master the complex art of engine software calibration.
MTE' engineers were on the team that designed engine management system and software from the beginning and thus has a far more complete understanding of how the ECUs "think". It is so much more than just a fuel map, boost map and an ignition map.

On average the newer Bosch-engine management systems have around 15 - 20000 tunable parameters. About 100+ of these need precise optimizing to deliver a perfect tune, and they need to be changed in such a way that they will all coordinate in the same direction providing a smooth and yet powerful engine character.

It is crucial to know which of all the 20000 parameters to change and which to leave alone. It is also of outmost importance to know in which direction and how much to modify each given parameter. Ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, altitude are crucial to take into account when optimizing an engine's management system software.

To achieve this you need the right tools, the know-how, the IQ and the patience to research, modify and analyze the engine and software until a satisfactory engine character is reached. Knowing these facts it is easy to understand that it is very rare to find a tuner like MTE who masters the EMS this well.

On top of this another advantage with MTE tuning is that over 5 years local representation in Singapore and several on site custom tuning sessions annually have given us vast experience of Singapore' local climate and it's effect on EMS calibrations. This makes a world of difference for the quality and dependability of the tunes we develop for this market and is yet another advantage over the competition.


3.Comparison with other tuning companies who are unable to tune the >2009 on the spot

Today in Singapore MTE is the only tuner who has the ability to tune the later Volvo cars on the spot. The newer Volvo cars are equipped with individually unique software that require more advanced tuning procedures. MTE masters this individuality and our tuning provides the highest level of tune available today among the competitors for any car we tune. No other tuner delivers both the performance and the drivability that MTE does. Period..


4. Live remote tuning direct from Sweden

When MTE's Singapore office 'MTE tune Engineering' needs, MTE development engineers from Sweden have the ability to interact with your car remotely. Under such a remote session, we can record data logs of the engines behavior where we view for the purpose selected operating variables such as variables related to ignition, fuelling, torque, boost etc etc. By analyzing these and receiving input about the cars behavior from the local MTE representative operating the car we have a powerful tool to analyze and calibrate the EMS software to achieve the desired bahvior.


5. Customized tuning that other tuning companies are unable to do

As a product of the insight into the EMS software that MTE posses, our software tools, and our experience of European manufactured EMS, we have the ability to control the engine to do precisely what we want within its physical limitations. With an MTE engineer on site we can take the tuning process one step further yet. Connecting the humans senses of an experienced test driver and engineer with the ability to data log and analyze, not just the basic parameters mentioned above but any of the 15000 intermediate variables used for calculations inside the EMS we can trace any engine behavior we see on the road originating inside the EMS to find and re-calibrate it as we find necessary. This ability is totally unique to MTE.


6. MTE Project Cars photo

 MTE is not one person, we want to keep MTE known for MTE not as Marco, or any other of our engineers. It is a team effort that has brought us to the top and we would like media to reflect that whenever possible. Take a picture of you with your car, or maybe us together? You are our representative, and it is your face they should recognize.